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Hi I'm Willia...
here to help you run your dance studio with ease. 

I'm a dancer, choreographer, educator and former dance studio owner. I inherited my families dance studio and after 53 years of business, we decided to close. As a studio owner, I dreamed to find someone virtually who had the passion, dance knowledge and savvy computer skills such as myself. Finding someone to effectively execute daily, weekly and monthly tasks that kept me from teaching and running the business without feeling overwhelmed. I couldn't find that person but now... I CAN BE THAT PERSON FOR YOU. 

Services Available

  • Social Media Manager

  • Website Design/Maintenance 

  • Monthly Digital Newsletters

  • Dance Concert/Recital Program Design

  • Logos

  • Digital Flyers

  • Class Playlist

  • Music & Video Editing

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Website Development

I will design and/or maintain your Wix & Squarespace website. 

Social Media Support

I will create a better and constant presence on your Instagram and Facebook pages.

Digital Graphics

Flyers, Newsletters, Certificates, Programs and More!

In Studio Photography

I will travel to your studio to capture candid and authentic photographs and video for your studio to use for marketing purposes. 


  • Post 3 days per week on your Instagram or Facebook Pages

  • 5x Story Sequence

  • DM or PM Management


  • Post 5 days per week on your Instagram or Facebook Pages

  • 10x Story Sequence

  • DM Management


  • Post 5 days per week on your Instagram and Facebook Pages.

  • 10x Story Sequence

  • DM & PM Management

Let's Take Your Dance Business to the Next Level

For the quickest response... text me!


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